Stroopwafel House Mug Toppers

Stroopwafel House Mug Topper

Stroopwafel House Mug Topper

I’m not usually the DIY type but how cute are these?! They have little to do with classic recipes (or the focus of my blog) but I couldn’t help sharing these stroopwafel non-gingerbread gingerbread house mug toppers. The name isn’t the only mouthful – these little houses are made from stroopwafel, the caramel cookie often used as a hot beverage accompaniment (learn more about stroopwafels in this cool Huffpost article). These round dutch cookies sit on top of your tea or coffee mug. The steam softens the caramel center, creating an ooey gooey sweet treat. Alone, they are a tasty complement to hot coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa. As a stroopwafel mini mug topper house, they just might be the cutest (yet functional) holiday mug topper ever. Yes, ever. Even the chimney works – if you look closely at the photo you can see the steam coming out. 🙂

I confess. I have a small obsession with mug toppers. It started with the marshmallow ones (like these Stuffed Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Mug Toppers) and grew to include cookies or anything adorable and sweet that works with a mug of steaming tea. I’ve seen quite a few gingerbread cookie mug toppers, including the little houses that Williams Sonoma is selling this Holiday season. But something has been bothering me about using a regular eating cookie as a mug topper when it has no reaction to the hot beverage. By reaction, I mean – gets tastier or actually complements the beverage. Marshmallows melt into your hot cocoa, creating a dessert drink. Stroopwafels turn into a gooey cookie, making them well…delicious. So I wanted to combine the two: charming gingerbread house meets functional made-for-hot beverage stroopwafels.

stroopwafel house window

With the encouragement of a few friends, I set out on this somewhat unfamiliar DIY journey. I had visions of collapsed soggy cookie houses, strings of burnt caramel, and frosting decoration horrors. To my pleasant surprise (and careful planning), this lovely creation went fairly smoothly. I only burnt the caramel once (feel free to use icing as the glue since it’s easier to work with – I chose caramel since the cookie already had a caramel center).

Caramel Glue

Since you don’t have to bake the gingerbread first, these are much easier than gingerbread houses but just as festive. The best part is you can actually eat the house when you’re done (unlike a regular gingerbread house) and the sweet caramel layers pair perfectly with any hot holiday beverage.

Stroop Waffle House Caramel Glue

All the cuteness of a gingerbread house with all the texture and tastiness you want in a mug topper. Not to mention the working chimney sends the cute factor through the roof…literally.


Stroopwafel House Mug Toppers

Note: To help provide clear assembly instructions, the below recipe yields just one house. It can easily be doubled or quadrupled.

Stroopwafel House Mug Topper Parts



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