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Even 50 years after her last book was published, Paula Peck and her books are still mentioned occasionally in various cooking articles and blogs.  Here are some of the most recent:

My story on Paula Peck’s Linzer Torte that appeared in the Edible Manhattan holiday issue:

The corresponding Linzer Torte recipe on Edible Manhattan:

Cookbook author Dorie Greenspan lists “The Art of Fine Baking” as one of her favorite baking books:

A story I wrote about Paula Peck’s Striped Bass Plaki recipe on Edible East End:

My post on Paula Peck’s recipe for Oysters in White Wine Sauce on Edible East End:

Mark Bittman on Fried Chicken and his appreciation for Paula Peck’s cooking. Megan Peck and this site is also mentioned:

Mark Bittman tells Publishers Weekly that “The Art of Good Cooking” is one of his 3 essential cookbooks:

Huffington Post interviews Mark Bittman and Florence Fabricant of The New York Times. This time Florence Fabricant answers “anything Paula Peck” when asked what cookbooks she uses the most:

Mark Bittman discusses the use of herbs, specifically parsley and Paula Peck’s influence:

An NPR interview with Mark Bittman on his Vegetarian cookbook where he discusses his favorite cookbook, The Art of Good Cooking, and why:

A post about her cookbook by a passionate cookbook collector:

I like the tag line for this blog: Paula Peck…the Martha Stewart of days gone by

An article about an adaptation of her Ricotta Pudding:



  • Read your post on the Boerum Hill list.
    You’re Jim Peck’s granddaughter!
    I was in CORE & have done a number of oral histories with people who knew your grandfather well (longer than I did, surely). I have his _Freedom Ride_, as well as your grandmother’s books.
    Nothing more to reveal, nothing further to add.

  • Hmmm. Not Boerum Hill, looks like I’m getting e-mails from “Cookies In Heaven” & don’t remember hearing of them, previously.

  • Sheila – Thank you for the comment. I’m very proud of the work my grandfather did so it’s great to hear from those who remember him and worked with him. I hope you had a chance to see the Freedom Riders: American Experience on PBS this past May. It had a lot of footage of the freedom rides as well as many photos of my grandfather I had never seen before.

  • Hi there: wanted to let you know that I am about to make my first grandchild’s first birthday cake with your grandmother’s inimitable genoese. I am a 59-year-old English woman who was given the book for my 12th birthday in Cambridge (UK) in1965. It has been in constant use ever since. So nice that you are keeping her memory and recipes alive, Megan. (From soon after that birthday I became politically active, by the way. Perhaps some of your father’s influence filtered through the recipes!)


  • Wow! Thanks Anna – so great to know that my grandmothers books are favorites in the UK and still in constant use. I hope your grandchild enjoys the genoise. What a great history! Thanks so much for commenting.

  • p. 212 AofFB…Scandinavian Christmas Cookies…my go to recipe for rolled cookies. Discovered this recipe in the 60’s when my kids were young, and calling on it now for my granddaughter. It’s the best! Dough rolls nice and thin and easy to cut, not too sweet, not too spicy yet flavorful…and no need for decoration unless you want to keep the kids busy a bit longer!

  • Megan–great work on your website and honoring both your grandmother and grandfather. I had the pleasure of meeting and having dinner with your grandfather Jim at one of his favorite Chinese restaurants about 20 or so years ago with a chance to discuss his days of protest and rabble rousing and to discuss his book about ‘upper dogs and under dogs.’ Keep up the good work! Would like to sample your cooking some time!–Rick

  • cynthia callaghan-claussen

    megan…it is wonderful that your grandmother (and grandfather) live on in memory because of you! i picked up ‘the art of fine baking’ in an antique store yesterday…and googled her name and then googled his name. fascinating! i collect baking books and the bakers all seem inextricably linked together….thanks again!

  • Hi Megan

    My mom and dad, Manju and Manu Oza, were great friends with Paula and Jim when mom and dad lived at 552 Riverside Drive in NY in the 1950’s. My mom, who is 92, brought up Paula’s name recently, with memories of Thanksgiving meals invariably at the Flower Drum in Chinatown in NY and Paula’s great cooing skills!
    Paula mentioned one of my mom’s recipes (Manjula is her full name) in one of her books. I would love to purchase the book. Any idea which one it is? Many thanks. Nandan.

  • Hi Nandan – thanks for sharing your stories about my grandmother! Regarding your mother’s recipe, there is one called “Monju Oza’s Carrot and Pepper Vegetable” in The Art of Good Cooking. Could that be it?

  • Hi Megan,
    I am Nandan Oza’s brother Perry. Nandan told me about your blog. What a thrill it is to be in touch with you!! Both Nandan and I live in the SF bay Area. Mom’s 92 years old now, but when prodded still has memories of Paula and Jim.
    We also lived in New York in the early 70s and have gone to a couple of meals with jim and his sons ( Sam and Charles ) if memory serves correctly. We also met Sam in Nairobi (early 80s) when he visited there for his job with the US AID!!

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