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  • Debbie, from the Culinary Cellar, sent me a link to your blog earlier today. I am a longtime fan of your grandmother’s cookbooks. Both The Art of Fine Baking and The Art of Good Cooking are in my collection, and I think both are timeless classics. Paula’s brownie recipe is the best on I’ve ever tried. I’m looking forward to seeing her unpublished recipes. Best of luck with your blog.

    • Thanks so much for commenting. I’m really glad there are still fans out there like you who appreciate my grandmothers books and recipes. The unpublished recipes are a treat! I hope to have a few up soon. Thanks again.

  • Though I haven’t tried you’re grandmothers recipes I’ve heard about her over the years and we’ll be giving one or two of them a try for New Years Eve. Thanks for doing this, neighbor.

  • Megan, It’s wonderful to learn about Paula. I bought the Art of Fine Baking in 1978 at Barnes & Noble in Manhattan and have kept it as one of my treasured books.

    I just bought a 1961 printing and it seems to be printed in sepia rather than black ink. Unexpected and very cool.

    Can you fill in the biographical details about your grandmother and now that I have learned a little about your grandfather, about them both. I’ve always had great curiosity. I have no idea when Paula was born, how old she was in ’61 and how much writing did she do. Can you post any pictures?

    I’m sure anyone who reads cookbooks, as many of us do, wants to know all about her.

    We’re all looking forward to learning more.


  • John – thank you for your comments. I’m working on posting more biographical details about my grandmother as well as photos. For reference, she wrote two books: The Art of Fine Baking and The Art of Good Cooking plus she left behind some unpublished writings and recipes that I am working on. Will post more info and details soon! Thanks again for your comments.

  • I just moved across country and The Art of Fine Baking is to be shipped with my other cook books. i was hoping to find your grandmothers Croquets aux Filberts on line and ended up e-mailing a pastry chef friend who I worked with 30 years ago in S.F. Both of us worked for Patisserie’s/restaurants that claimed your grandmothers recipes as their own secret recipes. The two of us would roll our eyes, since we were both such big fans of the book and new precisely where the original could be found! In any case, I do want to weigh in and say that The Art of Fine Baking is one of my favorite and most trusted references, and I think that the Croquets aux Filberts are my absolute favorite cookies ever! Glad I stumbled on your blog.

    • Thank you Susan! It’s interesting to learn that restaurants were using her recipes as their own. This is the first I’ve heard about this. It’s also great to learn about your appreciation for the Art of Fine Baking as well as your background and history with it. I haven’t tried Croquets aux Filbert yet but I am now going to make it a priority. If you need any recipes or info while you are waiting for your books, feel free to contact me. Thanks again.

      • Megan: my wife bought a used copy of The Art of Fine Baking at the library store of the Columbus (Ohio) Metropolitan Library two weeks ago, and I have already made the Croquets aux Filberts twice. Those cookies are so very tasty and so attractive! I’ve just today baked 4 dozen to offer at a benefit bake sale. I wanted to find out (for the labels) if French “Croquets” meant anything besides croquets and stumbled across your website. Which, of course, I have now bookmarked. I had not heard of your grandmother before since I’m only doing much cooking now in retirement, but now I’ll be on the lookout for her other book too. Good for you, giving her a presence on the web!

        • Thanks Bill and sorry for my delayed response (I thought I had responded…oops!). I hope the bake sale went well!

          • Yes, indeed! The three packages of croquets aux filberts were snapped up within the first half hour of the sale!

  • Megan, thank you for creating this wonderful website! I have both of your grandmother’s books, and I continue to use them over and over again. I just purchased a used copy of the Art of Fine Baking for my niece who is beginning to experiment with baking. We are anxiously awaiting its arrival so that she can learn the all-important techniques! In the meantime, I have pointed her in the direction of the recipes you have posted.

  • Dear Megan, i can see now much more of this blog, i just thank you again to show up in my life with such wonderful recipes. I am your fan, and i wish to find the
    “The Art of Good Cooking” , as a previous fan found it.

  • Hello Megan:

    It is lovely to find out that one of my favorite cookbooks was written by your grandmother and that her husband was a hero as well. I am writing to thank you for this blog and these recipes. I add only that Paula Peck’s Cabbage Soup on p. 103 of Art of Good Cooking is spectacular, and I wish it appeared on your blog so that I could send it more easily to friends who ask for it whenever I serve it–which is often in the cold weather.
    Cathleen Cavell

    • Hi Cathleen,
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! It’s great to hear that my grandmother’s cookbook is one of your favorites. I’m familiar with the Cabbage Soup recipe – it’s delicious. I did a modified version for this blog (replaced brisket with ground beef to reduce the cooking time). I called it Stuffed Cabbage Soup: If you would like the full original version, I would be happy to email it. I’m in the process of redeveloping my recipe page so that favorite Paula Peck recipes are easier to find.
      Thanks again for commenting! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog.

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