Marbled Almond Cake with Espresso Glaze

Marbled Almond Cake with Espresso Glaze |

Marbled Almond Cake with Espresso Glaze

Chocolate. Almond. Espresso. It’s hard to go wrong with this indulgent trio. Perfect with coffee or tea, this lovely bundt cake is my grandmother’s marbled almond cake recipe from “The Art of Fine Baking,” topped with a simple espresso glaze. I like to think of it as a Sunday morning cake. The espresso in the glaze can count towards your morning coffee (I’ll take any excuse to eat cake for breakfast).

I’ve barely scratched the surface of Paula Peck cake recipes but each one that I make seems to be better than the last. This is yet another example of a fabulous Paula Peck cake creation. The base almond cake recipe is versatile and can be used for many different types of cakes.The texture holds up well to both frosting and glazes, and would make an amazing layer cake with mocha frosting. One of best secrets of this cake recipe is the almond paste. This is what gives the cake its almond flavor but when combined or marbled with chocolate, it’s reminiscent of marzipan. Think chocolate swirled marzipan cake with sweet espresso glaze – are you with me yet?

This cake may look like it deserves a special occasion but it’s not necessary. I could tell you that I made this for a fabulous brunch or a breakfast for someone special but the truth is, I just wanted tasty homemade cake. Don’t be shy, you can do it too. Go ahead and make this fluffy marbled almond cake with addictive espresso glaze just for you and your cup of coffee.

Marbled Almond Cake with Espresso Glaze



  • Just thrilled to find your blog. I have owned hundreds of cookbooks over the years. Among my favorites are the two which were written by your Grandmother. I will never part with either of them. The books are just an enjoyable read and the recipes have never disappointed me. I look forward to following along with your recipes and writings as well.

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