101 Classic Cookbooks and The Art of Fine Baking

Paula Peck in 101 Classic Cookbooks

I happened to be walking through Chelsea Market when I decided to stop in Posman Books, a small independent bookstore. I made a beeline for the cookbooks, a habit of mine when shopping in an actual store that sells books (somewhat of a rarity these days). Prominently displayed on a large table, “101 Classic Cookbooks 501 Classic Recipes,” caught my eye. Published in 2012, bright yellow, and the size of a dictionary, I casually flipped through it thinking that my grandmother might (and should!) be mentioned. In the 90’s, I became accustomed to looking for signs of her in bookstores since “The Art of Fine Baking” remained in print until the mid-late 90’s. For some reason this habit remains with me, but this time I was not disappointed. A color photo of her book, a brief mention of her contribution to the baking world, as well as notable recipes such as Croissants and Linzer Torte (coming soon right here!) are listed on pages 124-125, right after Julia Child. And as a side note, there are some other really delicious looking recipes listed in this book – with contributions by Florence Fabricant, Judith Jones, and Alice Waters, it’s definitely worth checking out.

101 Classic Cookbooks



  • I LOVE The Art of Fine Baking! It’s one of may all time favorite cookbooks and my absolute favorite baking book. I bought it some time in the late 70’s or 80’s and use it so much it’s held together with a rubber band. In all my years of cooking and baking professionally and personally your grandmother’s book has been my constant companion. Her genoise, medeleines, and lemon curd are the best ever!

    I’m a huge fan of her book and you’re right it absolutely should be mentioned, its the best!

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