101 Classic Cookbooks and The Art of Fine Baking

Paula Peck in 101 Classic Cookbooks

I happened to be walking through Chelsea Market when I decided to stop in Posman Books, a small independent bookstore. I made a beeline for the cookbooks, a habit of mine when shopping in an actual store that sells books (somewhat of a rarity these days). Prominently displayed on a large table, “101 Classic Cookbooks 501 Classic Recipes,” caught my eye. Published in 2012, bright yellow, and the size of a dictionary, I casually flipped through it thinking that my grandmother might (and should!) be mentioned. In the 90’s, I became accustomed to looking for signs of her in bookstores since “The Art of Fine Baking” remained in print until the mid-late 90’s. For some reason this habit remains with me, but this time I was not disappointed. A color photo of her book, a brief mention of her contribution to the baking world, as well as notable recipes such as Croissants and Linzer Torte (coming soon right here!) are listed on pages 124-125, right after Julia Child. And as a side note, there are some other really delicious looking recipes listed in this book – with contributions by Florence Fabricant, Judith Jones, and Alice Waters, it’s definitely worth checking out.

    101 Classic Cookbooks




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